8 Steps To Create The Perfect Media Kit

As a starting influencer you cannot just sit and wait for a big corporation decides to work with you. It is also not enough to just e-mail your resume to a company in the hope of getting selected. Indeed, you need a personal reference of your own qualities — something that stands out and makes sure the company will remember your face and name. Two words: Media Kit!

What is a Media Kit?

Basically, a media kit is to influencers what a portfolio is to designers or photographers. It is a PDF document with your most important characteristics and statistics. By putting all relevant information from your website and/or social media in a clear document, potential partners or sponsors can immediately see who you are, what your profile is about, what you have to offer and why they should definitely work with you.

Down below you see a media kit Alexia has made as an example. This is a perfect guideline how your media kit should look like! Three pages of your top information.

Why do you need one?

There are a couple of reasons why you definitely need one. These are all about selling yourself because that’s what a media kit should do in the first place! To start off, it is visual. So a lot more attractive than a standard resume. It will give you a professional look and that is what you need, isn’t it?

Second, without being arrogant, it is the perfect way to show your previous work. Give them insights in which brands you already have worked with and which campaigns you already have done.

Thirdly, when your conditions (and maybe your prices) are mentioned, negotiations will be a lot easier or perhaps even non-existing — this will make it easier for you and your potential partners. Last but not least: your media kit allows you to DISTINGUISH yourself from other influencers. Therefore, try to stand out and get remembered!

Step 1: Gather all your resources!

You should collect everything that is relevant to your profile, and this is the biggest hassle of all. See it as a sort of moodboard you are putting together. Here is what you definitely need.


  • Try to find the best photo(s) of yourself.
  • The most beautiful, interesting and best-performing photos from your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.
  • Make a screenshot of your Instagram, it will give a proper first impression of your profile. This is also allowed for other Social Media like Facebook, Snapchat, even YouTube.
  • Images of previous campaigns including the number of likes, comments, …


  • In which segment do you play? Fashion /Music / Art …
  • Regular features that draw followers: post series, giveaways, sports, …
  • Subjects you frequently post about


Here you need numbers, not only from Instagram but from all your social media.

  • The number of followers on each platform
  • Unique visitors per day or week?
  • Views per week (referring to stories or videos)
  • What is your reach?
  • What is your engagement rate?
  • What is your weekly / monthly / trimestral growth rate?

Followers demography

  • Who are your followers? Age, residence, interests, …
  • Here is an article with the 15 best Instagram Analytic Tools

Now that you have gathered everything, you are ready to start making your perfect media kit!

Step 2: Introduce yourself like a boss

This introduction will be your first impression, make it count. This is about you, this means you need to make it personal. Talk about who you are, what you do, what your hobbies and goals are, etc. Be confident and leave an amazing impression for potential new sponsors.

Step 3: Statisfaction! It is all about the numbers.

Now you will need all the stats that you have gathered so far. If these are not so impressive, just talk about growth rates. A sentence such as ‘in three months my growth rate went up 600%” leaves a good impression! Make charts and graphics and present them nicely and direct.

Do not forget to add ‘current as of [date]’ and just make sure the date is within three months. You know a lot can happen in a couple of months. Be selective and leave out the irrelevant numbers. Nobody cares about your Twitter page with 28 followers. All in all, one thing to do is impress those sponsors with your numbers.

Step 4: Nothing for nothing

This section is about your sponsorship policies, basically your ‘terms’. What sort of collaboration are you willing to do? Sponsored post, giveaways, ads, product review, …? Name it. You need to let your sponsors know what you can offer and what you want in return for it. This can be services and/or a fair amount.

Step 5: Previous work and contact

This is the last parts of your media kit. Sum up some of your previous work and how these performed. Showcase your qualities to future sponsors. Finally, make sure you leave all your contact information, so they can call or email you if they’re interested.

Step 6: Add pics, style and class.

Lay-out is everything! Provide a beautiful structure and an attractive design. Mix up text blocks and pictures. Do not be afraid if you are not an excellent designer, here is an amazing free tool that makes everyone a great designer! Canva is the easiest designer tool for you and it also provides some templates to make it all much easier! You can find them here. If you are more comfortable with PowerPoint, InDesign or any other design program, go with that!

Step 7: Re-Read, Edit, Repeat

This is the most satisfying part as you are practically done! However, it is the details that make the difference. Includes your media kit everything? About me? Offerings? Contact info? Check your spelling and grammar, check the positioning of every picture, think about the colors you use, … HAVE EYE FOR DETAIL. So re-read, edit and repeat until you are satisfied. Then you will know when it is perfect.

Step 8: Save and Send

This is the final step! Make sure you save the final version in PDF format and send this to all your potential sponsors. Make sure you write a proper e-mail and do not forget the attachment! You will notice a media kit has a much bigger effect than a normal resume.

With these 8 easy steps you are good to go! Good luck and impress those sponsors! Here is already some inspiration with the best media kits.



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