8 Steps To Create The Perfect Media Kit

So where do you start?

Step 1: Gather all your resources!

  • Try to find the best photo(s) of yourself.
  • The most beautiful, interesting and best-performing photos from your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.
  • Make a screenshot of your Instagram, it will give a proper first impression of your profile. This is also allowed for other Social Media like Facebook, Snapchat, even YouTube.
  • Images of previous campaigns including the number of likes, comments, …
  • In which segment do you play? Fashion /Music / Art …
  • Regular features that draw followers: post series, giveaways, sports, …
  • Subjects you frequently post about
  • The number of followers on each platform
  • Unique visitors per day or week?
  • Views per week (referring to stories or videos)
  • What is your reach?
  • What is your engagement rate?
  • What is your weekly / monthly / trimestral growth rate?
  • Who are your followers? Age, residence, interests, …
  • Here is an article with the 15 best Instagram Analytic Tools



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