Belgian Influencers Did Their Bit This Summer
3 min readSep 24, 2020


Summer is over and if anything positive, besides keeping us all safe, has come from the lockdown measures, its definitely an appreciation for the seemingly finer things we take for granted by being out and about. Who better than some of Belgium’s amazing influencers, to help us see this clearly; on our mobile phones. Through some amazing campaigns, powered by Efluenz and brands who have our relaxation needs at heart, we have been exposed to the endless possibilities of fun and relaxation that can be enjoyed within the safety of our small bubbles.

During the last few months, we have linked brands such as Desperados, Fairebel, Jacquart and McCain, with influencers to show that it is still possible to enjoy the summer while adhering to COVID restrictions in Belgium.

Desperados campaign. Picture by @panz.o

Desperados, a beer retailer, taught us how to release our vibe, by collaborating with influencers who showed their community the art of partying and the possibility of doing so with a guest list of five. The idea of this campaign relied heavily on exuding positive experiences and targeted a range of audiences who have been particularly affected by this pandemic.

Champagne Jacquart’s campaign. Picture by @elisarotella

Enjoying some bubbles within your social bubble or alone has never been as tempting since Champagne Jacquart’s campaign with some of Belgium’s influencers. Working alongside Efluenz, influencers showed us that its ok to catch your breath every once in a while, and relax with some bubbly champagne.

McCain campaign. Picture by @funny_love_nanou

What would a summer campaign be without, Belgium’s national treasure; French fries? Could we even call that a summer? Influencers that collaborated on this campaign definitely gave us a new appreciation for fries. Considering that most of the time is spent at home as a result of restrictions, influencers on this campaign definitely gave some ‘frituurs’ a run for their money by sharing with their community some interesting homemade recipes that looked a treat alongside some McCain fries. If you love French fries, this campaign was made with you in mind.

Fairebel campaign. Picture by @nicefamily_

Picture this, yoghurt on a nice morning with the family. Yes, this picture actually exists and wouldn’t if not for the Fairebel campaign. Efluenz worked with influencers that collaborated on this campaign to reflect the importance of family, and simply enjoying moments with them. This campaign worked very well, because not only does it target family but also people that have an interest in promoting sustainability. Yes, Fair = fairtrade and Bel= Belgium. Influencers working on this campaign got the chance to promote their values and also reflect the importance of enjoying moments with those who matter.

So there you have it, 4 ways influencers have done their bit to keep us all sane during the summer / pandemic season.