Efluenz & Coronalert collaboration

2 min readDec 11, 2020


With Coronalert, you protect yourself and others. Who were you in contact with the day before yesterday? And the days before that? Who were all those people you were on the train with? Or on the bus, the subway, in a cafe or on the beach? Often you don’t even know them personally. And yet any close contact is a risk.


That is why, with the help of our agency, CoronAlert launches an influencer campaign to reach as many Belgians as possible and to encourage people to install the application. There are various reasons why one should do so, and influencers are there to share theirs. Maybe one of your family members is among vulnerable part of society? Or maybe you are missing out the fun part during your first year at university? Or simply want stop feeling observed after sneezing in a public place? Any reason arises from the motivation of having our normal life back and we there is a chance to control it. A chance that depends merely on us and on our collective intelligence.

How does it work?

CoronAlert helps you to track your contacts much more closely, without any effort on your part. Moreover, this is done anonymously. This way you protect your health and privacy at the same time. If a user of the app is infected with the COVID-19, he or she can have a warning sent to all his or her close contacts over the past few days. This is quicker than the classic contact detection by the contact centre. It also works for contacts you do not know personally. Fast reaction is a vital criteria to protect yourself and your loved ones. That’s how we’re getting closer and closer to the coronavirus.

Even though you are in a ‘low-risk’ zone, you should always be aware of how easy it is to get to the other side. Therefore, the app reminds the measures and advices steps you can take to protect yourself and others.


In times of private data’ abuse, it is important to mention that CoronAlert strives for total transparency and allows to process your data only to those Third parties that technically ensure the operation of the system.

Want to know more? Visit https://coronalert.be/en/

Feeling inspired? Download now and turn your bluetooth on. It’s as simple as that!