Influencer Marketing Meets Traditional B2B Marketing
2 min readOct 8, 2020

Who knew LinkedIn could ever be an avenue for B2B marketing! Well, welcome to 2020, while it’s had its pitfalls at least in the marketing space this is one thing we can all appreciate.

Besides the opportunities it presents to land a good job, LinkedIn also provides its users with an avenue to share their expertise within their industry; through storytelling. Business leaders, both established and start-ups, are using this space to market themselves and their services.

Laurent Goffinon @laurentgoffinon. BAM campaign

Those who have taken advantage of LinkedIn to push their services, by telling their own stories, have now carved a name for themselves as opinion leaders. By consistently sharing their journey, they have built a community that trusts their expertise. This has led to many businesses, looking to individuals who share their area of expertise to endorse or promote their brand.

For instance, Efluenz has successfully guided businesses to maximize this area of B2B marketing. Take for instance the flagship event of the Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) congress. For two years in a row, Efluenz successfully linked opinion leaders within areas of business and marketing to the Association to promote the annual BAM congress.

This form of B2B marketing provides a more personalized avenue of marketing. This is because the values or expertise of the opinion leaders are aligned with that of the brand. As a result, authentic conversations between the opinion leaders and their community can be expected. It is also easier to measure ROI using this form of B2B marketing, through the insights feature provided by LinkedIn.

Working together with brands such as Xerius, Efluenz devises creative campaigns through video and Linkedin posts. In the case of Xerius, the brand reached 7,548 people and received an engagement rate of 25%, through video and other types of content posted by opinion leaders.

Gipsy ILUNGA @gipsy_ilus. Xerius campaign

So, generally one may even view this as more of a PR tactic than B2B marketing; after all why tell the world how great you are when you can get someone who thinks you are great to tell the world.

To learn more about this form of B2B marketing, tune in to this year’s virtual BAM Congress between the 28th and 4th of December 2020. Look out for Yasmin Vantuykom, CEO of Efluenz, as she speaks on, “How influencers generate human solidarity and their role in solving social problems.”