Influencer Workshop — Valentine’s Edition
4 min readFeb 21, 2019


Once again a huge success, that’s how we can summarize the evening! Thanks to everyone who showed up at our third Influencer event. The whole room was filled with a lot of new faces and of course some familiar ones, but each of them was resembling the happiness that makes us believe in what we are doing. It was all about good vibes!

To those who couldn’t make it to the event, this post is covering some highlights that you’ve missed. So make sure you keep an eye out for our next edition! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, so you can follow our tips and wait for the next event! →

Despite the fact that behind the scenes we had an empty stomach (due to some unfortunate delivery issues) we welcomed all the early birds with a lot of joy. We forgot the hunger immediately when we saw that all attendees were as excited as us! Especially when the first 50 received a pack of Strongbow and they all received a goodies bag with the new Talina Bissap Hibiscus in it, we know you love it!

In no time, the room was fully crowded and we could feel the energy! Over 70 influencers attended the event. To make it even more special, we started with a little giveaway! Anita Carolina (@anitathecarolita) was the fastest to give the right answer on the question: ‘When did Efluenz start?’. Therefore, she won an amazing voucher of €50,00 for Leef’s store.

Yasmin continued the introduction and gave some insights on Social Media Figures. She explained the rise or decline of the most popular social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn where all scrutinized. LinkedIn and Instagram have the best performances for the moment! After that, she talked about the five big trends in Influencer Marketing we are experiencing at the moment.

She was followed by Flo. He covered the Instagram algorithm and ended with the five trends of Instagram in 2019. He mentioned how Direct Messaging is and will be a major service, how the platform will adjust their shopping perspective and why stories and micro influencers will be very important. As the last, he explained that we will see a rise in long-formed content and that audience will stay longer on your profile when you use long-formed content or pictures with a lot of details.

Next on our favorite cat lady Claire! She gave away the six steps to prepare your Instagram account to be an excellent influencer! Setting up a strategy was the first thing you have to do. Also, keep your name consistent and try the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method in your bio. She clarified the importance of content and the aesthetics of your profile and why you should interact with your community and followers. She ended her part with the sort of hashtags you need to use and the need to set goals!

After a ten minutes break, when everybody enjoyed some food and drinks, we continued with Alexia who spoke about how to manage your Instagram Pictures and content planning. She explained how to find some inspiration and also the benefits of using a content calendar. Moreover, she mentioned what your photos can do to your audience and how you reach that goal. She finished her part with all the information about a media kit! Marília Breite (@papelcomclips) already knew what media kit was and won an amazing Nood Box for two — the special Valentine’s edition.

After this giveaway and a more detailed explanation about a media kit, we handed over our presentation to Samia Barud from Agora Pulse. She gave an amazing lecture about the benefits of Social Media Tools. Such a tool allows you to plan all of your social media in once!

After all the inspiring and interesting information we ended our event with networking and of course again some drinks and snacks. Everybody was amazed and positive about the event, so we are very satisfied with the turnout of the event! Below you can see some Instagram stories of people who came to our event, check it out!

Again a warm thanks to all the visitors and our sponsors — See you all at the next edition!!!