Through an influencer towards your ideal client
3 min readNov 27, 2020

Where to begin and how to distinguish your brand among many others? Influencer marketing is not a surprise anymore and it requires going an extra mile in planning its strategy. Choosing your representative influencer based on the number of followers is so yesterday. Here is why we come to give some advices on what should be considered in order to achieve more performative outcome.

@sophyfantasy for Proximus Epic campaign

To create a meaningful content, you need to choose well the representatives of your brand. Every brand should be aware of the fact that a perfect match is not the most likable person on Instagram. Authenticity and corresponding values should be considered in the first place when choosing an influencer. Another emphasis is on a strategy. We advice avoid sticking to the same ideas or copying something that worked for your competitor. Combining different strategies has a very big impact on the results. That is why we encourage companies to adopt other creative forms at the same time. For example, new trends of content creation and its tools, such as a short-duration vertical video format (Reels), workshops, augmented and virtual reality, live broadcasting, IGTV ease the way to increase the engagement of brand’s target audience. Imagination is the only limit in this case.

A strong point of influencer marketing is that each influencer has his own way of creating a content: tailored to their audience, via a targeted tone of voice, format of content. Therefore, the perspective of the message, creative tools and impactful storytelling is always different. The same person can use different tones and storylines adapted to his audience in several social media platforms. Moreover, an unpolished reality and behind-the-scenes attitude are more valuable than unreachable perfection. The tendency shows that the younger generation is more convinced by a real-life content, often humour related or something unusual and extraordinary over the stereotypical storylines.

ALDI DIY gardening workshop. @vera_d_pinheiro

Also, a mutual recognition plays a big role in brand-influencer relationship. If the client has to validate the influencer, the reverse is also true. You cannot collaborate with an influencer who is not convinced by your message 100%. It would be counterproductive. Another situation is when the client tries to overcontrol the content of an influencer. By choosing to follow an influencer, people also choose what they want to see. It’s an entirely different way of thinking and advertising. Companies can hardly give their opinion or control over the messages and the way they are transmitted. Influencers are the only ones in charge. This is precisely why the engagement is much higher. Subscribers appreciate the tone of the message because influencer marketing is aimed specifically to users.

The biggest challenge for the companies is to change their attitude towards influencer marketing. Associating it only with beauty and fashion leads them to the wrong conclusions. There are so many different possibilities for every business strategy and as many old-fashioned opinions about it. Some people might still be ironic about the effectiveness of influencer marketing and making fun of it but frankly, those jokes are on them because they are a few years behind. The image of the blonde girl selling lipstick is only partly correct. But she DOES sell better than commercials. The preceding generations may not realize that but marketing for the good trends such as zero waste, buying second-hand clothes and hospital fundraising were all launched by influencers. Social networks are free and accessible to everyone. The main thing is to become familiar with it and what is the other way than trying it yourself?